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My ilo Egg

A Soft and Flexible Waterproof Vibrator.

The Egg is a flexible palm size vibrator designed to cup the vulva stimulating the entire erogenous area. The Egg is 100% waterproof and has 10 vibration patterns starting at a lower frequency and increasing as you cycle through.

Pastel pink/apricot tone

Discrete & Palm Sized

10 vibration patterns 


USB charging

Medical silicone, ABS


1. Clean the egg before use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

2. Press and hold the on/off button for 3 consecutive seconds to turn on. Click the on/off button to change vibration patterns, 10 vibrating patterns will cycle. Massage and stimulate.

3. Press the on/off button for 3 consecutive seconds to turn off.

4. Wash the egg after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

Caution: Do not charge when the power is switched on. Wash before and after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner. If you feel uncomfortable while using, please stop using immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary.

Charging time: 1 hour

Usage time: 1.5 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I like how discreet it is.

There are so many different vibration patterns which is cool.

Sometimes can be hard to find the one you like again.

May be a good idea to have a forward and back option of going through the different settings incase you accidentally skip one, you don't want to start again. Good product

Thank you!

Thank you for such quick and personal service.
Your company is very accessible and friendly and discreet which was important to me.

As I move into an older and wiser age group it was great to be able to use an Australian women's company. Your website is easy to navigate and use. Your products are beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. The product I bought (Egg) is soft and beautiful and easy to use and clean, not intimidating at all!


OMG this is the most incredible toy I have EVER USED the different patterns sent me into heaven and back and I experienced the most powerful orgasms I have ever had.... I thought I was masturbating well before but this opened my eyes to a whole new realm of ecstasy. This brand is next level and I honestly never write reviews. I also never have 4 orgasms in a row so wow wow wow is all I can say! The packaging is also extremely beautiful and I will definitely be trying this out with my partner! Thank you so much, i have already added the other toys and lubes to my cart! Xxxx best brand ever

Ally M
Found from Mamamia AUS!!!!

I read a review about this egg on Mamamia AUS and they rated it a 9/10 so i bought straight away. I can definitely support this rating!! What a perfect small yet effective toy! Thanks girls xx


This egg is perfect! I've been looking for a discrete toy that actually works and i have found it!! It cups the vulva nicely and has so many great patterns!