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My ilo Duo.

A Sucking and Vibrating Vibrator.

The Duo uses dual technology, air sucking and air pulsing from the small circular opening at its top. The Duo is designed with an easy to hold handle allowing for targeted pleasure, specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. The Duo is splash proof for cleaning.

Soft Mint Tone

Air Sucking Technology

10 vibration patterns

Splash Proof 

USB charging

Medical silicone, ABS

1. Clean the duo before use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

2. Press and hold the on/off button for 5 consecutive seconds to turn on. Click the start button to change the vibrating and sucking patterns, 10 patterns will cycle. Massage and stimulate.

3. Press the on/off button for 3 consecutive seconds to turn off. 

4. Wash the duo after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

Caution: Splash proof for cleaning but do not submerge product for over 15 seconds. Do not charge the product when the product is switched on. Wash product before and after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner. If you feel uncomfortable while using, please stop using immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary.

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Usage time: 2 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

I find the inability to control the intensity disappointing. It is just too intense for me to be able to build up to a desired sensation, I find it too overwhelming.
Otherwise seems a good quality product.


OMFG! I am in love! Like, wow, I expected it to be amazing, but I did not expect this! Mind blowing! Like, how? who? when? what the fudge? I’m just so damn grateful! Thank you thank you to you creative geniuses who invented this. Thankyou me for buying it for myself. Is this review too much? No, defs not. It’s worthy. Buy it, you beautiful women! Buy this toy and go to heaven!


My ilo duo: *arrives*
Me: oh sh*t here we go!!
Me: *cums 10 times in utter bliss*

This product is outstanding! sooo many varieties and strengths to suit everyone’s needs. So much to play with and explore. I absolutely recommend. I love how the on/off button is a 3 second hold, because I sometimes kept clicking the power button instead of “the pleasure button” ;) so it was good that it didn’t keep turning off lol.

It is a little louder than I expected (I wanted it more discreet) and I find it more pulsing than sucking. BUT in saying that it’s literally so amazing. Like… AMAZING. I can’t be mad at it hahaha. Fabulous work girls!! So empowering & satisfying, and made me feel so safe to explore. In love! Thank you!!


The duo.. a magical little gadget and that I can’t praise enough!


Hi Ladies!
Love you work!
Love your encouragement for self awareness and self love!
Love how you are helping empower women from all walks of life!