My ilo



My ilo Duo

A Sucking and Vibrating Waterproof Vibrator.

Soft Mint Tone

Air Sucking Technology

10 vibration patterns


USB charging

Medical silicone, ABS


1. Clean the duo before use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

2. Press and hold the on/off button for consecutive seconds to turn on. Click the start button to change the vibrating and sucking patterns, 10 patterns will cycle. Massage and stimulate.

3. Press the on/off button for 3 consecutive seconds to turn off. 

4. Wash the duo after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner.

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Usage time: 2 hours

Caution: Do not charge the product when the product/power is switched on. Wash product before and after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner. If you feel uncomfortable while using, please stop using immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary.

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