My ilo, I Love Orgasms.

We are ilo, empowering you to explore your sexuality. We believe that by designing modern & environmentally conscious sex essentials we can inspire conversation & celebration surrounding self pleasure. We love orgasms, do you?


Empower, Educate, Environmentalism

We founded the company on the values of empowerment, education, and environmentalism, as we believe that you should love yourself, and it should be done with as minimal impact on our earth as possible.

Sustainability Hub

As a business, we are constantly looking at ways to do things better for the planet, for the environment, and for women in general. While we grow, we aim to get better at reducing our waste, making our supply chain as eco-friendly as we can, and finding more ways to deliver sustainable products from beginning to end.

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Tales of the Modern Vagina

Tales of the Modern Vagina

You’re so much more than your flaps. Fanny. Foof. Lady Garden. Noonie. Vagine. Vajayjay.  You guessed it, we are talking about Vaginas, and in par...

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