My ilo’s Sex Toy Recycling Program has begun!

Developed in line with our sustainability practices, the recycling program is entirely free and open to any vibrator brand. You'll also be rewarded for saving the planet with a gift card for your next My ilo purchase.

By introducing the program, we're leading the way to support our community to become more sustainable and to minimise our impact as a business. 

Sex toys are classified as bio-waste in Australia as they are made from a combination of batteries, electronics, silicone, and plastic. Bio-waste products are unable to be disposed of via general household waste, and can take over 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Our recycling program is located in Western Australia, which reduces additional transport emissions.

How to recycle your sex toys:

  1. Email letting us know that you would like to recycle your sex toys
  2. We will respond via email and send you a pre-paid returns label
  3. Attach this to your parcel and drop to your closest Australia Post
  4. Once received we will recycle your retired sex toys through our specialist, accredited and licensed provider
  5. We’ll email you a My ilo gift card for you to spend on your new products!

Our commitment

As a business, we are constantly looking at ways to do things better for the environment and for women in general.

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