We create environmentally conscious and modern sex essentials, with the goal of both empowering you to explore your sexuality and educating every one of us about sexual wellness. We founded the company on the values of empowerment, education, and environmentalism, as we believe that you should love yourself, and it should be done with as minimal impact on our earth as possible.

Because after all... who doesn’t love orgasms?

Behind The Brand

The idea of My ilo was sparked over a girls’ dinner after work. Masturbation became a topic of conversation after I purchased my first pleasure toy. 

While describing to the girls my overwhelming joy of finding my inner g-spot, I was met with a variety of blank faces. As the conversation proceeded, two of my friends stated that they were “unsure” if they had an orgasm before, and that they “never” masturbated. I left feeling surprised, shocked, and unsettled.

I spent months researching and thinking about why we don't talk comfortably about self-pleasure? Why is it not a naturalised topic of conversation? Why is this topic taboo and why there is a stigma surrounding this sensual gift of pleasure? 

I am fortunate to have an amazing best friend who is a qualified designer. She emphasised the importance of well-designed, beautiful, and modern products. Products that are visually appealing with a creative flair that we are proud to buy and display visibly and openly rather than hiding away in our bedside tables. We hope that by creating the products in this way, friends will notice your new pleasurable addition to your room, you will feel proud to share your experience, and conversation surrounding self-pleasure and being sexually empowered will be ignited. 

We are not specialists in this field. Just two young girls, wanting to connect with others who are excited to celebrate and talk about the joy of our bodies. We want everyone to enjoy the whole experience of My ilo, from browsing, to purchasing, to using. We are wanting to create products that are natural and safe for our bodies. And we are wanting to create products that are not only kind to us but kind to mother earth. 

We are passionate about pleasure, learning, and growing alongside you and working together to make our community as beneficial as possible. Please send us feedback to improve our website, products, platform & voice!

Claire Deeks & Luciana Burke