Is your packaging discreet?

  • Yes, our packaging is 100% discreet with no My ilo branding on the outside of the box. 

I don’t own a vibrator! Which should I purchase? 

  • We are so excited for you to own your first My ilo vibrator! Sex toys are such a fun way to dive into exploration of self-pleasure. We recommend taking our 'Which Vibrator Is Right For Me' quiz, a fun & informative way to find the vibrator to suit all of your pleasurable needs. 

Which vibrator do you recommend for couples play? 

  • We have 2 specifically designed a couples play vibrators- the My ilo Ring & the My ilo Remo. The My ilo Ring can be used with your partner to stimulate each other's erogenous zones and all your partner control of the device by wearing on their finger. The My ilo Remo is sold with a wireless remote, try using this vibrator outside of the bedroom to spice up your pleasure ritual! 

    Are the vibrators waterproof? 

    • The My ilo Duo is splash proof for cleaning, but do not submerge this product for more then 15 seconds underwater. The rest of our collection is 100% waterproof. Get playful and take your toys into the shower, or bath! 

    How does the message candle not burn your skin? 

    • The Melt Massage Candle has been specifically designed with the ingredients of shea butter, soy wax, coconut oil & olive oil. These ingredients have a low melting temperature therefore heating to a safe point to be poured directly onto the skin. Please make sure that the candle is blown out before usage. 

    Will the vibrators desensitize down there? 

    • No they won't! This is a common myth, however, your body does memorise certain ways of orgasming. If you have been masturbating in a certain way for most of your life you may find it hard to orgasm in other ways. If you’re dependent on one specific way of orgasming, practice pleasuring yourself in different ways. 

    You mentioned eco-conscious. How do you uphold this core value? 

    • Our products are all made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, steering clear of all chemical nasties. Our boxes and cylinders are both made from 100% post-consumer card and dyed with soy-based inks. This card is safe for composting and is biodegradable. Our box manufacturer is also the only zero-carbon printer in Western Australia. The delivery boxes and shipping labels that we use are both made from post-consumer recycled cardboard. We use natural rubber adhesive packaging tape which is 100% biobased film made from 90% renewable resources. Please head to our Sustainability Hub on our website for more information. 

    In what ways do you strive to do better for the environment? 

    • Whilst we strive to empower all women to explore their sexuality we continuously aim to get better at reducing our waste, making our supply chain as eco-friendly as we can, and finding more ways to deliver sustainable products from beginning to end. We aim to use repurposed glass for our bottles. We are looking into using biodegradable material for our vibrators. We aim to create a recycling process for you to return your used bottles for refills. This will allow us together to reduce our carbon footprint and cut back on waste. 

     How do you re-use your bottles/jars? 

    • We reuse our bottles as small flower vases and our jars to store homemade face scrubs. Our favourite homemade face scrubs are made by combining 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with 1 tablespoon of raw honey! If you do not wish to repurpose your bottle, please remove the label and recycle with the lid attached.

    What has been your favourite part about starting a business? 

    • There are so many amazing points we could touch on!! The most amazing thing thus far would have to be how engaged our community is with our content. We strive to create a platform where our community of women feel empowered and confident to discuss masturbation. We love receiving feedback from our community, especially when they say that they have had their first orgasm or that friendship groups have become so much closer and open through the discussion of their own pleasure, sexual experiences & desires. Not only has it been so inspiring to see other women explore their sexuality but starting My ilo has helped both of us grow and explore our own sensual bodies. 

    Do you have instructions on how to use the vibrators? 

    • Yes we do! We have created an Instagram reel showing you how to turn each product on & off and filtering through the patterns. We have left how to ‘use’ the vibrator up to you! We want you to explore your body and feel into what stimulates you. Some places you might explore could be your vulva & nipples. The Curve is designed for internal and external pleasure, g-spot, clitoris and prostate vibrator. The Duo is designed to suck & vibrate from the opening.  Place it anywhere on your vulva that stimulates you. The Ring is designed to be worn by you, or your partner, and placed anywhere that stimulates you. 

    How do you charge the vibrators? 

    • All vibrators come with USB charging outlets. Please head to our Instagram reels to find a simple “How To” for charging. Charging and usage times are on each product page on our website.