We believe in sexual wellness education

We believe that one of the main issues contributing to women feeling uncomfortable discussing self-pleasure and masturbation is the lack of educational resources available when we are going through puberty. When thinking back to our sex ed classes in school all that pops to mind is labelling the biological features of our sexual organs. As interesting as this can be, we were never provided with resources which educate us about sexual wellness and developing our own sexual identity. With almost everyone exploring sexual experiences in their teens we are on a mission to educate our youth about sexual health and its importance. Therefore, we have decided to donate $1 from every My ilo sale to AMAZE. 

Our Charity Contribution

What is Amaze?

AMAZE harnesses the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online—regardless of where they live or what school they attend. AMAZE also strives to assist adults—parents, guardians, educators and health care providers around the globe—to communicate effectively and honestly about sex and sexuality with the children and adolescents in their lives.

Thirty-five years of public health research clearly demonstrates that young people who receive honest, age-appropriate, non-judgmental information about puberty, relationships and sexual health are more likely to delay sexual initiation when they are young and to use condoms and other contraceptive methods when they do become sexually active. Further, quality sex education can help young people successfully navigate puberty, learn about healthy body image, distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and understand the concepts of consent and mutual respect. 

For more information about the power of providing youth with quality sex education visit about AMAZE.