Mamamia reviews My ilo Curve

Mamamia reviews My ilo Curve

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This week Katie, who is Mamamia's Sex Editor, reviews the Curve – a silicone vibrator – by My ilo.

What does the sex toy claim to do?

My ilo doesn't shout from the rooftops about all of the perks and features of their sex toys on their website. They're pretty cool gals, and they let the toy speak for itself. So all I know before I buy is that it's waterproof, it vibrates and it looks like a piece of art.

What was your first impression of the sex toy? (Just by looking at it)

This is a very sleek, minimalist sex toy. It's also the first white sex toy I've ever seen, which made me think, why aren't there more of these about?

...And then I remembered about bodily fluids. Notably, period fluids. This toy might not be the greatest one to whip out during the thick of your cycle, but boy is it cute for the other 25 days of the month.

The colour gives it a marble-like quality, but it's made of super soft silicone that I find myself stroking it while it's plugged into my work laptop, charging up. Luckily, Mamamia is a remarkably open-minded office, and so no one even bats an eyelid at me doing this. 

Love you, colleagues. 

How much is the sex toy? And do you think it’s worth it?

This vibrator is $135, which is a little spendy, but I see a sex toy like this as an investment piece. Think about it in fashion terms – you're always told to invest in the basics you'll use again and again. And this, my friends, is the crisp white shirt of the sex toy world.

What was it like using the sex toy? And how did it really feel?

Now, I've tested a fair few sex toys (because it's my job – and before you ask, no, we're not hiring right now), but this toy has a vibration like I've never felt before.

It's less of a buzz and more of a gentle chug, mimicking the rhythm of a train. And while that feels intriguing when it's vibrating in your hand, let me tell you... it feels incredible when it's inside you.

The 'chug' sensation is such a tease and with the simple 'up' button on the Curve, you're able to level up the intensity and really build up the pressure.

The beauty of this is that, unlike with powerful clit-suckers that make you explode the second they touch your clit, you're able to set the mood and stretch out your solo session. This, for me at least, always leads to a more euphoric orgasm – which is exactly how my time with the Curve ended.

Describe the sex toy in three words:

One. Satisfied. Customer.

What score would you give the sex toy out of 10?


This sex toy is best for people who want…

Are looking for a classic with a few plot twists. I also reckon this is a great toy to use with a partner, as it's very non-threatening in style and it can build up and tease all parties involved. 

Any final words?

Next time I need to buy a present for a bestie, I'm getting them this. It would make such a pretty gift, and I know they'd be sending me a very grateful thank you note afterwards!


 Katie Stow, Mamamia's Sex Editor

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