High Vibrations by Frank

High Vibrations by Frank

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My ilo creates environmentally conscious and modern sex essentials from their HQ in Australia.

From their signature product, the Ring vibrator, all the way through to their passion for sustainability in their entire manufacturing and packaging process, as well as their deep respect for the communities of people around them, we talked to founders Claire Deeks and Luciana Burke about what makes them… hum.

We love the product you have created. What was the inspiration behind the company?

As two 23-year-old women on our own journeys of sexual wellness, we realised that there was still a lack of conversation in our age group about self-pleasure. We wanted to spark this topic, so we took it into our own hands to create a range of products that are so beautiful and sleek that everyone feels confident enough to show them off!

We wanted to create products that we as women are proud to buy and display visibly rather than hiding them away in our bedside tables.


How did you get from a conversation between girlfriends to making the idea a reality?

Once we opened up the conversation amongst our friendship circles, we heard so many stories and anxieties surrounding pleasure that we got the ball rolling straight away.

We felt we had a responsibility to create change, and so My ilo became much more than just a brand. It was our mission to reach out and remind everyone that we are never alone in our experiences and empower them to explore their own sexuality.


Were you surprised at how many young women hadn?t experienced orgasm in this day and age where female pleasure is discussed openly?

There is still a majority who don’t discuss it amongst friends because of the fear of judgement. In fact, from a survey of our community we found out that 8% had never had an orgasm and 48% find it difficult to orgasm. Unfortunately, we see a vicious cycle at work; when it’s not talked about, we feel more ashamed to explore our bodies and the various ways we reach climax.


We love what My ilo stands for (I love orgasms). How did you get to that name?

We wanted our name to be a fun acronym and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love orgasms? It was very important for us to include ?My? to make it personal for everyone. When someone purchases or talks about their pleasure toy, it’s theirs and totally unique to their journey of sexual wellness.


The designs are beautiful, how did you develop them? We particularly love the ring! Tell us about that.

We wanted to design easy-to-use, chic products that we (as first-time users ourselves) would be proud to show to others. When we went shopping for pleasure toys, we were confronted with many styles and colours that didn’t appeal to us at all! The process involved many samples and product testing (urgh, if we must?).

We asked our fantastic community and from our findings we wanted to create a playful product for women to use with their partner. The ring is ideal because your partner can have control of the device, so it’s inclusive and not intimidating for couples.


The lube and cleaning products are just brilliant too. It really is an ‘all you need’ package.

We believe that creating plant-based body lubes is an essential part of a sustainable and pleasurable experience. When looking at the ingredients in mainstream lubes, we were appalled at the harmful and chemical ingredients that penetrate into our body. Did you know that substances are absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream within 26 seconds? There was also a real lack of alternatives on the market that didn’t break the bank, so we wanted to create an organic, chemical-free plant-based lube that is also affordable.

Many women don’t use lube but research shows that it can actually increase orgasms by 80%! The bottom line is ladies, don’t be scared of lube!


Why did you choose Rosalina and Peppermint for the vibrator cleaning fluid?

When practicing self-pleasure, feeling clean is an essential part of the relaxation process. We love peppermint oil and menthol because not only do they create invigorating sensations, but they have moderate antibacterial effects and possess anti-viral and anti-fungicidal properties. Rosalina has a fresh, lavender scent combined with a mild Eucalyptus and Tea Tree aroma. Ultimately, we want to make the cleaning process of your pleasure toy as enjoyable and therapeutic as possible.


All your packaging is sustainable, tell us the background on that.

Having both been brought up in a country town, our love for the ocean and the natural environment was always going to be a core part of My ilo’s ethos.

We strongly believe that we have a duty to consider our footprint on the environment. Given the current state of the planet. We want to empower women on their sexual journey whilst respecting mother earth – there doesn’t have to be a compromise.


You are great friends. What does this dynamic bring to your working life?

We really couldn’t do this without each other. Not only do we live together, but we are best friends who have done everything together since primary school. It makes us feel like the business is not ?work?, but rather a super fun time doing something we are passionate about… pure pleasure (pun intended). We have different styles of approaching work but they complement each other. We also get to experience the highs and lows together, which makes us even stronger.


What reactions do you get from friends, family and strangers when discussing what you do for a living?

They have been overwhelmingly positive! There is definitely an initial shock when we explain our business to others, but when we delve deeper and talk about our mission people are really supportive.

Explaining our profession to new sexual partners is always fun. It usually sparks interesting conversations about sex and pleasure, not to mention an insight into their opinions on the topic!


What’s your vision for My ilo?

Until we heard other women’s stories, we didn’t realise just how much practicing positive sexual wellness can change our lives; our customer testimonials mention increased self-confidence, body positivity and even reduced stress-levels.

We hope that when you buy and display our products, friends will notice the new pleasurable addition to your room, you will feel proud to share your experience and conversations surrounding self-pleasure and sexual empowerment will be ignited!

Claire Deeks and Luciana Burke of My ilo

Article online, The Frank Magazine 

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